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~1462~  Columbus Discovery

~1600~  Colonist - Mostly English

~1770~ Tax Without Representation -  13 British Colonies, 2.5 million population.

~1775~  Revolutionary War - George Washington-Commander in Chief of the Continental Army

~1776~ Declaration of Independence July 4th, George Washington pushed the British out of Boston

~1783~  Battles End, Little Settled

~1789~ Articles of  Confederation - replaced by the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights added, George Washington becomes First President

~1790~ U.S. Patent Act

~1812~  War again with British and their aided American Indian Tribes while British was at war with the French.
~32 months~ War at sea, Canada Borders around the Great Lakes, Golf Coast-New Orleans
~1815~ Victory in NY, Baltimore, New Orleans - Star Spangle Banner

~1861~ Civil War - War Between the States


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