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Best Way To Learn -  Using Humor - Stupid Acts-i-dents, Old Fashion Luck, Using others and their secret approach


Best Way to Study Science?  Use your history book.   ( stupid - took my history book and notes to science class)

Having Difficulty in Math?  Get out your Social Studies Book.

Need Help in English?  Take up sports!

Learn SCIENCE in your HISTORY CLASS using Humor

Benjamin Franklin invented eye glasses, recorded in history, not in science books.  Learn about Ben Franklin in history, not science class.
He wanted to look better.  Instead of looking better, he saw better. :-)
Since everyone looked better, he figured he looked better wearing glasses, but in fact looked stupid wearing glasses because no one else had them.

Benjamin Franklin did a really stupid thing, had an "Act-i-dent" by flying a kite during an electrical storm. Don't try this at home!
He sit out some empty clear jars, wired the wet kite string to a some metal rods placed into the jars to catch some "light". Why its recorded in history, not science!
How Stupid!  After the storm, there was no light in the jars, so he took his wet hands(&feet) touched his finger to the metal rods, and "discovered"
         the storage cell of static electricity.  This is why he was ball-headed and needed to invent "discover" glasses.
So Stupid?  Called the storage cell(s) a battery (like canons going off)  It was NOT a battery, just a storage cell!

 Learn SCIENCE in your BIOLOGY CLASS using Humor

Some stupid biology student was dissecting a frog in class.  Metal Pan, Different kind of Metal knife, Acid Solution.
An Act-i-dent occurred.  The dead cut up frog leg moved when it came into contact with the knife.
Stupid student showed off his "invention" Act-i-dent "discovery" to a friend in biology, and they decided  they had invented the battery.
Here is the really Stupid Part.   What on earth are you going to do with a battery?  Noting needed a battery?
The battery had no use  and two biology students had just invented one.

Learn SCIENCE in GYM CLASS using Humor

One day after lifting weights (even sounds stupid) in gym class, some athlete lifted an entire roll of wire and placed it
across a large battery left in the gym, because there was not other place to put an invention that had no use.
As the roll of wire came across the useless battery, sparks did not fly.  Instead the bar bells rolled across the room to the battery and wire roll.
Another Act-i-dent!  the Electromagnet was discovered, "invented".

Learn SCIENCE in the CAFETERIA using Humor

Some stupid teacher connected bar and a bell "bar-bell" to a electromagnet and battery and ran it from his room to cafeteria.
He would ring the bell when it was time for his lunch break to let the cafeteria staff it was time for his meal to be made ready.
Stupid Samuel Morse took off the bell and added a pen and made dots and dashes with spaces on paper and invented "discovered" the telegraph.
Another poor stupid sole bent the arm on the striker and pen and wrote the dots, dashes, and spaces side-ways and "invented" discovered the bar code!
During lunch one day in a small cafeteria at a local telegraph office, the lazy worker "discovered' invented the sounder-hear clicks of the pen-recorder
and did not have to get up from lunch to read the paper Morse Code tape.

My Point:  Inventions are Lucky Discoveries by Stupid Means of an Accident
ALL because someone made an observation and did not let the stupid accident
go unnoticed.



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