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~0500-1400~ Medieval Period - Middle Ages - European history between the collapse of Western Roman Empire
                       and the Renaissance and age of Discovery
                       Protection of investors money on inventions creating monopolies for the purpose of taxing

~1474~ Venice - Protecting investors and inventions rights - Proof of Usefulness-must explain and describe.

~1624~ Monopolies limited to "New" inventions and for 14 Years

~1790~  U.S.  Patent Act along with the French focused on the Inventor Rights and Protection, not the Investor

~1793~ U.S. Patent Act expanded, longer protection time to allow employment, easier to apply

~1836~ U.S. Patent Office, no longer under Secretary of State duties, patents now numbered for simplicity rather than named.
              First Numbered U.S. Patent, all previous patents assigned a number with leading X########.
              Patent x1 July 31, 1790 issued by Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Hopkins on a new process for making pot ash

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