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The best way to tell a story dating back to the start of the 20th  Century
would be to do it  Hollywood style.
Plans are underway to produce a video on the development
of  modern day technologies in transportation and communication.
Using a 1923 setting and a trained telegrapher, the video will begin
at a time and place when telegraph was being replaced by the telephone
as wood steam was being replaced by coal fired railroad locomotives.

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FCC Telegraph Certificate      Brief Biography
The video will  be used in The Virginia Telephone Museum as an
introduction to taking a guided tour.
Starting with the introduction of the railroad, fast dependable long distant
communication became an urgent requirement as well as the need for accurate time management.
Improvements continued in all technologies leading to the  invention of the telephone.
The telephone industry was instrumental in improving travel and communication
up to and including going to the moon and returning safely.
While the railroad created the need for fast communication,
the telephone and later developments in the industry provided air and space
travel what was needed for fast, long distant traveling.


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An exhibit with a train station and telegraph office theme that exemplifies 19th and 20th century photography,
 communication, and rail transportation development in the Petersburg area of Virginia. 

Displays include wood-block engraved prints from field sketches dating back to the civil war, telegram and
telegraph equipment, early period telephone sets along with pictures and artwork of steam locomotives,
all in a train station and telegraph office setting
A well preserved collection of time pieces, local newspaper ads and area business receipts each with a story of interest.
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