PMT_History_Notes      Thomas_Augustus_Watson
Jan. 18, 1854 - Dec. 13, 1934  | Age 80

1867 - Dropped Out of School  | Age 13
store clerk, bookkeeper, carpenter

1874 -  Employed at Charles Williams, Jr.  in Boston | Age 20
largest electrical shop anywhere at the time
turning binding post $5/week  ie.$1/day  ie. 12.5 cents/hour - hand lathe
purchased $0.25 goggles - called sissy
30-40 employees,  studied during lunch Williams shop books
Davis' Manual on Magnetism @1847 most %
purchased own copy 25 cents - 2 hours pay before taxes

1876 -  promoted rapidly - all regular shop work  | Age 22
call bells, telegraph keys, sounders, relays, resisters, related
built a small personal steam engine on slack shop time
shop work included ideas by customers that did not work or nothing new

1874-1876  | Age 20-22
A .G. Bell - left instructions to have Harmonic Telegraph device build
asked to speak to builder directly - T. A. Watson
not built as specified by Bell - begin to work together after shop closing
Bell's Harmonic Telegraph (multiplex) never worked well yet
had it dependability worked, Bell may had never invented the telephone
this was the most discouraging time for Bell, visited J. Henry for advice 
Elisha Gray built one a few years later and worked perfectly

1875 Bell's idea of voice over telegraph line discovered by accident
working on a bad Harmonic Telegraph device

1876 Centennial Exposition

1881 Resigned from the American Bell Telephone Company |  Age 27
traveled to Europe for 1 year
started his own hobby machine shop
shop grew into a company supplying U.S. Navy
during the Spanish-American War.

1894 Entered College  |  Age 40
studied geology and biology

in Retired 1904  |  Age 50

1874 -  1881  8 Year Association with A.G. Bell  -  Page 2



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