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1874 -  1881  8 Year Association with A.G. Bell

1874-1876  | Age 20-22
A .G. Bell - left instructions to have Harmonic Telegraph device build
asked to speak to builder directly - T. A. Watson
not built as specified by Bell - begin to work together after shop closing
Bell's Harmonic Telegraph (multiplex) never worked well yet
had it dependability worked, Bell may had never invented the telephone
this was the most discouraging time for Bell, visited J. Henry for advice 
Elisha Gray built one a few years later and worked perfectly

1875 Bell's idea of voice over telegraph line discovered by accident
working on a bad Harmonic Telegraph device

1876 Centennial Exposition

1881 Resigned from the American Bell Telephone Company |  Age 27


Bell experimented 4 years in the home of Mrs. Mary Ann Sanders, Salem Mass.

June 2, 1875 Birthplace of the Telephone at Williams Shop in Boston, Mass.

Thomas Sanders first and sole financial backer of the telephone
Gardiner G. Hubbard later also helped finance the telephone
Both were more interested in the Harmonic Telegraph
ie. multiplex 8 telegraph circuits on one telegraph line




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