Legacy of Innovation
Wire to Wireless Communications - What took so long, and why?

It is not everyday that we get a request at the Virginia Telephone Museum in Richmond, Virginia
to "borrow" the museum for an-out-of town luncheon display.   Reflecting back, the excitement has
yet to diminish.   Sharing the equipment for the event gave way to sharing the stories from the
pioneers in the industry, including Alexandria Graham Bell and so many who would follow him.
One such story shared, took place in 1880 when Bell sent the first wireless message over a light bean.

Franklin School in Washington, D.C.

Ed Wright and Curtis Anderson attended the Legacy of Innovation event.   The most asked question we received as stories were
shared was, "When was that?"   We took that question seriously and for the next two years we researched our museum library
to "re-wire" the museum by time rather than by technology.   This approach allowed us a better understanding of the older
technology and to understand better those who made great contributions.  This also shined light on a way- of- thinking that
is currently used by innovators and visionaries today.  With that in mind, we have taken our museum timeline concept and
employed it when giving museum tours and hope to soon share this thought in local schools, meetings, and other events.
We call our multimedia program "Dial Tone" realizing that such a technology is giving way to new sounds.

At the Legacy of Innovation event, we insisted on including a teletype machine on display.   This device had connections
back to the days of Morse Code telegraph in the mid 1800's and as an interface in the 1980's for computers.  It was the
teletype machine that was re-wired with the first micro-processor on a chip that later became the personal computer.

"Dial Tone"  -  What took so long, and why?
A short discussion on American Innovation.
The door bell that changed the world.
The key that divided and re-united our nation.
From Germanium Mountain to Silicon Valley
Looking behind to guide us ahead.

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