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Elisha Gray - invented the telautograph in 1887, ie. fax machine, a device that could remotely transmit handwriting through telegraph systems.
                  - invented the variable resistance telephone but lost the telephone patent to Alexander Graham Bell in 1976.
                  - invented a telegraph printer with a typewriter keyboard and paper printer. ie. teletype machine 

~1869~  Gray & Barton
              Gray bought out Shawk's part of Shawk and Barton manufacturing shop in Cleveland for making his inventions
              Stager purchased 1/3 of Gray & Barton and had it moved to Chicago for supplying Western Union 

              Barton was a union telegraph operator during the civil war and was with WU after the war but moved to Cleveland
                           and joined Shawk to manufacture electrical supplies.
              Stager was a union civil war telegraph operation and later a WU manager who needed supplies for WU 
              Gray also invented the telephone, printing telegraph ie. stock market ticker, and sold items for Thomas Edison and others.

~1872~  Gray & Barton was renamed Western Electric after Stager recommended WU to buy G&B which WU did purchase.

~1874~  WE owned by WU sold QWERTY typewriters and Edison electric pins - a duplicator

~1876~  Gray invented the telephone along with Bell the same day

~1879~  Bell sued Gray - WE owned by WU

~1881~  Bell settled with WE by acquiring majority ownership of WE from WU

~1909~  WE sold its electric motor and dynamotor division to GE

~1925~  WE sold its distribution business to Graybar - currently still in business selling electrical supplies - non retail



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