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Main Entrance just below the Verizon sign at street level:  713 East Grace Street Richmond, Virginia  23219   804-772-1118

Promote the awareness, increase involvement, to assist and support the Verizon Pioneers Mission
by using websites, webcasting, podcasting, and other multimedia technologies.

March 10, 2009  Meeting
Improve the Sign-in Visitors Book Completed, and the front door appearance at 713 E. Grace St.
Get WECO more involved
Ed to get Museum business cards printed and follow up on the brochure.
Curtis Anderson to check out the Disputanta Telephone Company equipment room. Completed
The old building has been taken down-it is gone.

Ideas on a "Guidelines" or "Rules of Operation"  Museum Book including security.
Schedule a future Face-to-Face Meeting and a Work Day in June.
Curtis Anderson to contact retired 703 E. Grace St. employees for a Private Museum Tour on April 4, 2009  9am-11am.
Review Private Tour
Promote the Museum  "OPEN HOUSE"  day May 2, 2009 11am-3pm
Curtis to investigate museum access. Completed

EMAIL-CONTACT:  Curtis Anderson - Publicity Co-Chairperson

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