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Conference Room - Not to be disclosed, except for business use only.

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Approach podium and touch the control screen to activate all equipment.
On rare occasions you may need to do a power-cycle (re-boot).
Power Switch is located on the top row of equipment just under podium.
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Touch the Control Screen or Power Cycle to Activate
It should look like this once activated.

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Once the control screen is activated, make your selection.
Laptop AC outlet, laptop audio and video cable is located next to control screen.
VCR / DVD Player is located under the podium.

The room is wired for power-point presentations to a large wide screen TV.
The TV has FIOS and the room is wired for a conference call with excellent sound throughout.
The room is also wired for WiFi but only works in the room due to the room construction and the router location.
Router Password is recorded near the Control Screen.

To reserve the room contact Ronda Andrews.  The guard has her number.

The security guard has the room key and a list of available dates but can not reserve the room.
On short notice, if the room is not scheduled for use, may be used.  See the guard.

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