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Summer 2009 - Program of Museum Tours

August 25, 2009

July 16, 2009

Verizon Telecom Pioneer Russ Cowell answers questions about early period telephone sets before
the days of direct dialing.

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Verizon Telecom Pioneer Russ Cowell explains switchboard calls ( above ) while
Astraea Anderson ( below ) tries on a headset at an operator's position.

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Verizon Telecom Pioneer Curtis Anderson shows off the Norfork & Western Railway
telephone booth during the summer program of tours at the museum.

Copyright 2009 All photographs on the web page were by Verizon Telecom Pioneer
Curtis Anderson, taken in a public access facility for general informational
 purposes to promote the mission of the Verizon Telecom Pioneers.
Astraea Anderson is the granddaughter of Pioneer Curtis Anderson and her photo is released
for general informational purposes to promote the mission of the Verizon Telecom Pioneers by
her mother Jaime.

.Private Museum Tour - 4A Gang
The old Virginia Telephone Museum recently changed names and moved to a new location.
Prior to the museum "OPEN HOUSE" event scheduled for May 2, 2009 at
its new location, the 4A Toll Switching group meet to look over
the museum and reflect back to the days when much of
the equipment on display was in service.

PRIVATE TOUR DATE was on:  Sat. APRIL 4, 2009   9:00 - 11:00 A.M.   Upcoming PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE TOUR DATE:  May 2, 2009

Curtis Anderson, Charles Trent, J.A. Winchler, Herb Wolverton, Taise Kiser, James Childress, Wilson Turner, Dick Kennedy, James Johnson
TelecomPioneers with service from 1948 to present day, this group continues to enjoy talking about the days when they worked
together in Grace Street on much of the equipment now on display at the museum.  "We were part of it! ".

On local cable channel 3 in the Petersburg, Va. area on selected Mondays and Fridays at 5:30 pm
You can view it Click H E R E now.  A World Wide Webcast Production by wcast.info


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Recent 4A TOLL Group Outing - Oct.2009

Sneak Preview - off the wireless SecurityCam system -Click Here

The old Virginia Telephone Museum was at 3530 Ellwood Avenue

The New Verizon TelecomPioneers Museum of Virginia at 713 E. Grace Street

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Main Entrance just below the Verizon sign at street level:  713 East Grace Street Richmond, Virginia  23219   804-772-1118

The new museum now occupies the former employment office, business office and medical department.
It now has two large meeting rooms, not to mention all the space to house the equipment and displays.

Verizon TelecomPioneers Museum of Virginia
703 E. Grace Street  Richmond, Virginia 23219 (804) 772-1118

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