The Whirley Family Tree

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Found Fred Whirly grave information on Blandford Cemetery Website.

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Found additional grave info off website and visit to the grave at Blandford.

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Marvin H. Kennon  dob 7/28/1965   dod  11/10/1987
Lucille Collins   dob  7/14/1925   dod   6/12//2006
Charles Collins   dob 12/13/1929    dod   12/4/1990

Whirley Family Tree as known dated July 3, 2010

Contacted friend Stoney Whirly in Dinwiddie who provided 5 page tree.

1                    2                             3                      4                         5
1)  Tree Top Robert Whirley, eight children, James Whirly
2)  James Whirley, Jake Whirly
3)  John Whirley, Charlie Whirley, Mattie Whirley-Foster, Jenny Whirley-Hood
4)   Willie Whirley-Eggleston, Fred Whirley
5) Fred Whirley

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