One of the First Forgotten Memories here in Petersburg was Old Blandford Church.

Built in 1735, was abandoned before the turn of the century
for a better location, closer to town, and people's homes and businesses.

Left unattended, without proper maintenance, the building fell victim to the elements.
A Forgotten Memory for over 100 years - Restored today.

Just outside Old Blandford Church are graves dating back to the 1700's

Grave Markers -  weathered, broken, sunken, stolen, unmarked graves
Record Books lost in a fire
Many Forgotten Memories of those buried

To the Left, open field, a lone marker here/there
Mass Graves - civil war dead
Hasterly buried, bodies not ID'd - Battle/State
Forgotten Memories - someone's son, husband, farther, brother, uncle

Then 1800-early 1900's  graves, markers, In Memory Of....
No holiday flowers now
Forgotten Memories

More Recent Graves - Flowers - Visitors
Fresh Memories

For the most part, Forgotten Memories

Neal Diamond - You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore