Open  -  Day Dreamer

Ettrick -  FBC      Bring Back  Many Memories

FBC - basement   -   added on building

Ettrick School       Wise Way     Roy's Grocery      Walkers Store

Ettrick Gulf -Osburns       Train Station / US Mail

Paper Route     Tom Floyd       Bowmans    Woodruffs  

Changes  -  2ed Ave.   3rd. Ave.

Present Day  - So much  Bad NEWS   -  Memories     Remember Better Days


Delores - Birthday     -  return childhood neighborhood  -  prev.  houses

Mom  -   Lakeview Road   -   tour her mothers old house

Bible  -   Word of God     Good Book    Good News    Gospel
                         Book of Promises      Hope     Life

Bible   -   A Book of  Memories  


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