A Father's Day Tribute  -  Picture - Image of Father
A gift, testimonial, compliment, or the like acknowledging gratitude.

Thank You - Personal Study - Improving my vision using scripture

Age 30 - First Sign of Aging -  Out of Focus - Corrective Lens

Need Scripture improve my Spiritual Vision

Disciples - 5000 Hungry     LJC saw Sheep W/O Shepherd - moved with compassion

Moses saw Burning Bush -  God saw affection - told in scripture

As I AGE Spiritually,  I need Improve my vision using Scripture

Chevy -  Assembled in Canada   Parts Manuf. in Mexico

This Week -  Re-Define Black Woman -  even NAACP

Last Month - Bruce Jenner -   Sports Page to  Fason Page


Supreme Court - Define Marriage  -   Father /  Mother

Scripture to Improve Vision of  Father