Trinity United Methodist Church
215 South Sycamore Street
Petersburg, Virginia  23803

2012 Goals for 2013
Assist, Support, Help Promote The United Campus Student Ministries at Virginia State University.
Assist, Support, Help Promote The STAND United Church and School Ministries near Fort Lee.
Assist, Support, Help Promote Heart Havens, Inc. - residential needs for the disabled.
Assist, Support, Help Promote the local Petersburg area persons with disabilities.
Assist, Support, Help Promote our local military at Fort Lee with "Strength for Service" devotionals.
Assist, Support, Help Promote The Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries, a prison ministry.
Assist, Support, Help Promote The Sheppard Center, seniors helping seniors.
Consider the expansion of our handicap building access to the basement at Trinity UMC.

Ongoing Goals
Incorporate The "Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations"
(connecting to place, people, God, task, and self )
Radical Hospitality
Adopt A Room Ministry)
Continue to Paint, furnish and heat/cool one or more unused rooms.
Continue to Expand our audio/video ministry in the basement and first floor.
Continue the remodeling our children's room.
Focus on our Visitation Teams with assignments.
Passionate Worship
Investigate building an outside Bell Tower.
Hold worship services at different settings such as our chapel room, basement, or at an outside park.
Improve and Expand our personal, daily prayer life ministry.
Intentional Faith Development
Lead by taking more laity training classes and encouraging others to follow.
Offer our facilities for more local laity training classes.
Offer computer/internet/photo/audio/video basic hands-on classes for the ministry.
Risk-taking Mission and Service
Support food pantry, disaster relief, and other at risk projects.
Extravagant Generosity
Leading by example, meeting all our budget obligations encouraging everyone to be involved.
Provide a membership emergency assistance fund for one-time unusual circumstances.
Provide time, talents, gifts, and training to encourage others
to get involved in learning, enjoying, and expanding their talents for the ministry.
Believing that giving is contagious,  allow others to experience the joy of serving
together as a team in extravagant generosity.