Trinity United Methodist Church
215 South Sycamore Street
Petersburg, Virginia  23803

2009 Goals - Page 2

Intentional Faith Development
Lead by taking more laity training classes and encouraging others to follow.
Offer our facilities for more local laity training classes.
Offer computer/internet/photo/audio/video basic hands-on classes for the ministry.

Risk-taking Mission and Service
"Single Mothers Morning Out
Provide a children's program with music and video and provide
popcorn, snow cones, candy, etc. to allow single mom's free childcare
so mom's can shop and conduct business.

Expand our feeding program with a special meal menu or 
special meal date.  Begin feeding program fund for anyone
desiring to help support this program.  

Support food pantry, disaster relief, and other at risk projects.

Extravagant Generosity
Leading by example, meeting all our budget obligations encouraging
everyone to be involved.

Begin a membership emergency assistance fund for one-time unusual circumstances.

Provide time, talents, gifts, and training to encourage others
to get involved in learning, enjoying, and expanding their talents for the ministry.
Believing that giving is contagious,  allow others to experience the joy of serving
together as a team in extravagant generosity.