Trinity United Methodist Church
215 South Sycamore Street
Petersburg, Virginia  23803

2009 Goals -  Page 1

Incorporate The "Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations"
(connecting to place, people, God, task, and self )

Radical Hospitality
Adopt A Room Ministry)
Paint, furnish and heat/cool one or more unused rooms.
Cool our basement and kitchen/dining area.
Expand our audio/video ministry in the basement and first floor.
Completely remodel our children's room. 

Make our Good Morning Fellowship room more family friendly
and use it for more purposes such as special meetings.

Continue expanding our "Vacation Bible Train" and "Get On Board" family ministry.

Setup Visitation Teams with assignments.

Develop a Trinity Church Brochure.

Passionate Worship
Provide foyer music/chimes before worship times.
Investigate building an outside Bell Tower.

Expand Laity involvement during all worship services.
Use more objects during worship to relate to the message.
Employ different musical talent in our worship services.

Implement a combined area churches Special Event Service such
as Community Thanksgiving Eve Service, at yearly rotating locations.

Hold worship services at different settings such as our
chapel room, basement area, or at an outside park.

Promote a personal, daily prayer life ministry.