The Petersburg Museum of Technology
Petersburg, Virginia
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An exhibit with a train station theme that exemplifies 19th and 20th century photography, communication, and rail
transportation development in the Petersburg area of Virginia.                                                                             

Displays include wood-block engraved prints from field sketches dating back to the civil war, telegram and
telegraph equipment, early period telephone sets along with pictures and artwork of steam locomotives,       
all in a train station setting.                                                                                                                           

A well preserved collection of time pieces, local newspaper ads and area business receipts each with a story of interest.
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A short video of rare footage and a large collection of early period post cards and old church records
 will bring out community life in Petersburg more than 150 years ago.                                                   
Petersburg Train Station Video-1980s         Tour Guide "Andy"

June 13-14 2015  N&W 611 J at Coburn Crossing in Wilsons and Wells Crossing in Ford, Virginia
Coming to Petersburg and Returning to Lynchburg
The Petersburg Museum of Technology is in keeping with the mission of the Historic Petersburg Foundation, Inc.
to promote widespread knowledge of the city’s unique architectural and historical heritage.                                        

The museum is located at 215 South Sycamore Street in the Trinity United Methodist Church rear building,
 with access from the side ally entrance.                                                                                                            Appointment Contact:   (804) 691-3496

Admission is free and open to the public daily from 10am to 2 pm by appointment only.  Short notices are welcomed
and other times can be arranged in advance.  We suggest taking a tour of Trinity Church while visiting The Petersburg
Museum of Technology.   Trinity holds regular worship services each Sunday Morning at 11:00 a.m. and is open to the public.

Copyright © 2009  The Petersburg Museum of Technology.  All rights reserved.    Email us at :PMT
Recent Additions to our Museum Collection

We now have a nice collection of  local Petersburg Telephone Directories
(selective years only - not all years)
We also now have a good collection of WWII era telephone directories
of selected towns and cities in Virginia including Dinwiddie-McKenney,
Waverly, Suffork, Virginia Beach, Waynesboro,  Culpeper, Buchanam,
Madison, West Point, Appalachia, Peninsula, Lebanon, Pulaski,
Narrows-Pearisburg, and Roanoke-Salem.
Recent Additions to our Museum Collection
Complete 1911 Set  of Cyclopedia on Telephone, Telegraphy, and Radio
Plus 16 mm Film footage on the same related topics.