Chester, Virginia
Two Over One
The Triple Crossing - Richmond, Virginia
The City of Richmond, Virginia has a very unique distinction to railroad
 structures. The famed triple crossing is the only place in the world
where three rail main lines are able to cross another on their own
line without having to stop. It was built in conjunction with
Main Street Station, just a couple of blocks north of the crossing.
The double tracks on the upper trestle belonged to the Chesapeake & Ohio
Railroad. On the middle track ran the trains of the Seaboard  Air Line Railroad.
 The ground level belonged to the Southern Railroad. The time depicted is the mid 1930ís.
 The likelihood of three trains crossing at the same time is remote,
without being staged. Over the years, there have been quite a few staged
crossings featuring steam and diesel locomotives.
When contemplating how to portray the crossing, I chose to capture the event as if it was
 happening naturally.
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