Chester, Virginia
Governor Thomas Jefferson
Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac’s 602
The Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad in a joint effort with the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad began
construction  on its new terminal in Richmond in 1917. It was opened for service on January 6, 1919. It featured a
unique loop system of tracks that ran beneath the rear of the station. Trains arriving from either the north or south
headed into the station in the same direction, thus minimizing switching and interference with other trains.
The RF&P had three classes of 4-8-4 locomotives, “Generals”, “Governors” and “Statesmen”. In the 1930-40’s,
a tradition of naming its locomotives was revived. The first after Confederate generals, the second after Virginia
governors and the third after famous Virginia statesmen. Arriving at the Broad Street Station is the
Governor Thomas Jefferson No. 602. In a while it will be leaving with passengers heading north to Washington.
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