NX5U Samples - Video Capture Stills and a word about Panning.

Recorded with natural outdoor lighting coming inside a window behind the camera facing subject.  No shadows whatsoever.
Recorded in FH mode at 1080i  - captured using software instead of using the NX5U, then cropped slightly and edited.
Saved as a jpg image.  Backdrop was a fabric rug!   Subject was about 3 feet from the camera. ( max wide angle setting )
Click on image to enlarge full side.

This short action video was taken outside using the NX5U in FH mode 1080i.
Action was about 100 yards away using zoom as needed and no tripod.
Short 3min. Action Video compressed greatly to give you some idea the conditions the stills below were captured.
Stills was captured using software, cropped and edited, then saved as a jpg image.  Click on each image to enlarge.
Keep in mind that these stills where recorded at some distance away without using a tripod.
Click on image to enlarge full side.

Panning - nature of the beast.
Please allow time to download 1080i clips below.
Panning seems to be very poor on my NX5U in Clip 1. Then I reviewed some NBC HD clips off the airways.
It is all about technique.!!!
 Notice how bad NBC panning was in Clip 2.
Then notice in Clip 3  how NBC avoided panning.
Clip 2 background was sharp until panning started then stopped.
Clip 3 avoided panning by having the subject move toward the camera with the background stationary except for zooming.
One final note:  Panning goes unnoticed in clip 2 by having moving action front and center.
AVOID PANNING if there is no subject and action to focus on.
I learn by watching what others do.  Thanks NBC, and thanks to the FORUM for bringing up the issue.

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