Ettrick Cemetery Public Notice Disclosure
August 25, 2022
*   *   *

Public Held Meeting June 25, 2022
Foundation President Present
Foundation Treasurer Present
Foundation Registered Agent - Deceased
Foundation Current President Resigned at the Meeting
Foundation Treasurer stated
 to be the only Board Member Remaining
No Other Board Members on Record Present 
Meeting Video Recorded and Live Streamed
One Hour Meeting

*   *    *

Public Held Meeting August 20, 2022
Resigned Foundation President was Present
Foundation Treasurer Present but Disruptive
No Other Listed Foundation Board Members Present
Virginia State Cooperation Commission Forms
and Instructions for online amendments Provided
No Members on File with the SCC

*   *   *
No Board Meeting on Record
No Foundation Financial Report Disclosed

Meeting Video Recorded and not Streamed
Two Hour Meeting

*   *    *

Potential Outcome Under Consideration

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The Ettrick Cemetery