G5RV jr Antenna - A Quick Review
When you must use a "less than ideal"  antenna because of a "less than ideal"
location, it makes sense to me NOT to expect a good review when evaluating
and expecting similar results.   A quick and general review should suffice.
The product label does just that; almost.

My installation was less than ideal.  Even the feed line, part of the antenna was not in the best of locations.

REVIEW Pro's:   The antenna hardly needs a turner.  This is a good thing.  The lower the swr is to the
frequency of operation the better.  While most turners can work with a wide range of off-resonant
antennas,  ideal conditions takes another beating.  One antenna for some many bands and decent swr
at so many frequencies is certainly a plus, a PRO.  However the antenna's pro is also it's con.
REVIEW Con's:   Because the antenna is so broadband on so many frequencies, there lies its weakness.
This is where a good turner come into play.   By chance a turner that can provide low swr matching
on a narrow frequency range can turn this con back into a plus, a pro.  The antenna analyzer reveals the details.